Franz Skant

Chairman IPA Vienna


At 2016 Region Vienna of the International Police Association was celebrating „55 Years IPA Vienna“. This anniversary is documenting  55 Years fruitful Service in order to fulfil an idea, which was all the time in front of countless activities, done by members oft he Region Vienna. In the sense of our motto SERVO PER AMIKECO, „Service  Through Friendship“,  the aim oft he Region will be in the future too, to cultivat friendly relations and mutual assistance between the members at home and abroat and furthermore developing  cultural relations amongst members and broadening  their knowledge. Region Vienna meets national and international respects and approval. The Region is in high reputation  within the officials oft he police and the public society.

Region Vienna was founded  at 15.2.1961 under the leaderrship of the first chairman  Alfred BAUER, supported by some founding members. From the early beginning no one could expect such a fantastic  increase of members. If we recall, the number of Police Officers joining the Region Vienna  was 52, dated 31.12.1961 and at present 7.200 officers are on the list of Region Vienna.

Walter Kreuzer was the second chairman of IPA Vienna from 27.04.1979 to 22.03.1983.  During his leaderrship the 20 Years jubilee was celebrating  and a new home for our Region, located at Redtenbachergasse 22-32/1160 Vienna was opened at 07.10.1982.

Friedrich OPFERMANN became head oft he Region . He was chair oft he Region 22.03.1983 to 23.03.1987. During this time the partnership between Region MUNICH (D) and Vienna was celebrating easter1985. In the meantime IPA Vienna cam into existance of 25 Years and for this reason a great celebration took place in Vienna.

Otto WÜNSCH was elected for the chairman of the Region and his leadership lasted 23.03.1987 to 21.04.1998.

At August 1991 the Region has reached an age of 30 years and at this occassion a celebration took place in Vienna. Furthermore the congress of the IEC was held in Vienna Oct. 1995. Otto WÜNSCH was elected fort he president of Section IPA Austria.14.12.1991. He resigned 2002. Otto WÜNSCH and Prof. Fritz OPFERMANN became honorary chairman of IPA Vienna:

At the occassion oft he 18th plenary 12.04.1998, Herbert STAMMER became elected fort he 5th chairman of the Region was fort he same time 1st Vicepresident oft he Austrian Section. During his chairmanship the celebratios for 40, 45 and 50 years Region Vienna had takenplace. The 15th National Congress of IPA Austria was held in Vienna 2005.

Franz SKANT was elected 6th LG Chairman at the 24th Annual General Meeting of LG - Vienna on 2 May 2016. On 10 June 2016, he was elected Vice-President of the Section by the Federal Executive Board. The 55th anniversary of the IPA Vienna falls in his office, also the North European Forum 2018

Many events, such as on the social field tto, wer arranged and organized by IPA Vienna. Different brochures (drug prevention/abuse, crime prevention etc) were published. Beside this, following the motto oft he IPA „Servo per Amikeco“, many times donations weere carried out for social needs.

The mayor oft he city of Vienna, Dr. Michael LUDWIG and the president oft he Vienna Police Dr. Gerhard PÜRSTL, gave the Region Vienna the honour tob e patrons oft he Region

Last but not least, it is my special pleasure to say, thank you very much to all members of the committee  and to all members of Region Vienna too, for all their tremendous and fruitfil work they have done and will do in the future in the sense „Service trough Friendship“.

Servo per Amikeco


Chairman of IPA Vienna